LIMEN Matera guesthouse. Comfortable and stylish nest upon Matera ' Sassi

Limen: latin word that means threshold, border, limit. Limen Matera guesthouse is located at the the third floor of a midcentury building situated at the border of the south slope of Matera ’s Sassi. Thanks to its prominent position compared to the ancient settlement, wide windows and balconies let you enjoy an astonishing view upon Sassi and Gravina torrent, the deep canyon that separates – once again limen – the carsic altiplane called Murgia, with ist Paleolithic settlements, from Sassi‘ two valleys. The flat, totally reserved to the guesthouse is just restored and refurbished with up to date utilities and comforts, but neverthless it has an experienced and warm aspect thanks to a precise aestethic choice: we were inspired by an important transitional age in Matera’s history, the post World War II years of the economic and social growth, in order to reproduce, by selecting original furnitures, a typical burgeois interior of the emerging international,openminded leading class of the time. N.B. WE ARE AT THE THIRD FLOOR. WE OFFER –ALMOST- EVERYTHING BUT THE LIFT – OR ELEVATOR - . Per aspera ad astra: Limen Matera is worth the effort of getting to.